Balancing A Regular Life with Extreme WANDERLUST


Check out the deer on the left!

A ride with CWA is a unique blend of exploration, sightseeing, and adventure. The two hour long experience is priced around CAD 150 (including a $20 Driver Collision Coverage Charge). I felt the pricing was reasonable considering top-quality gear, training and guidance that was included.

Exploring Blackcomb

In to the woods

The Mountain Explorer ATV Tour with CWA runs through some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes, giving you a chance to witness breathtaking views of the Whistler Valley and snowcapped peaks of the Coast Mountain Range. If you’re lucky, you’d also get to check out some extremely curious bears and deer along the way. Don’t forget your camera, you’ll be stopping rather frequently to take photos!

Cruising through the single track terrain park

2) Power packed ATVS and skilled guides

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CWA's Rustic Cabins

If you're not making a mess, you're doing it wrong!

3) The Adrenalin Rush


quick tips:

Holly is definitely the better driver!

1) I would strongly suggest for you to carry a camera

2) If you're not an experienced GoPro user, ask your guide. They're great with these devices!

3) Always follow your guide's lead and their advice

4) Make a mess, go head-on towards that nasty puddle! There is only one way to enjoy this ride

Winding Blackcomb terrain

Whistler with its rugged terrain and majestic sights has traditionally been an adventure seeker’s playground. One moment you’re blazing through Blackcomb Mountain’s winding curves on the ATV, the next you’re carefully maneuvering around massive boulders. There is never a dull moment on the tour.

After cruising around the Blackcomb for about a couple of hours, we also got a chance to test our newly acquired skills in CWA’s single track terrain park. This was the most challenging part of the experience since we had to navigate through dense vegetation and over narrow wooden bridges. There were no mishaps, clearly we had an excellent teacher!

5 reasons you must ride an ATV with

Canadian Wilderness Adventures !

There is nothing quite like adding a dash of adventure and excitement to a relationship. I took this one of a kind trip with my girlfriend and we had an absolute blast learning a new skill together and testing ourselves in the wild. We also got to know who is better at handling heavy machinery (not me!)

An ATV ride with CWA is the perfect group outing for a family or a bunch of friends. Get out there!

While I was in Canada for the fall, I chose to visit Whistler and its surroundings. Whistler’s is a premier Canadian destination for skiing and snowboarding but there is so much more to do here. Being an Amator Montum (Latin, lover of mountains), I decided to explore Whistler’s fabled terrain with Canadian Wilderness Adventures' ATV Tour. Here are 5 reasons you must try it too!

CWA’s ATVs are some of the most reliable, smooth and comfortable vehicles to operate. If you’re unsure about your ability to handle their beast of an ATV, you need not worry. You will be amazed by how comfortable “roughing it” can be.

Our awesome guide from CWA, Brock, taught us how to drive our very own 4×4 adventure machine within minutes. His training made sure we were ready to handle everything the mountains would throw at us.

5) A chance to bond with your loved ones

4) Bang for your buck


1) location location location!


The experience was hosted by Canadian Wilderness Adventures but the views are entirely my own. I thank them for their valuable support!

For more information about Canadian Wilderness Adventures and their tours, Click Here

They've got a few of those bad boys!