My favorite part of the experience was perhaps reserved for the end. André served us a couple of scoops of their delicious Stout Ice Cream. Yes, you read that right!! To make it even better, he topped it up with some of their Stout. Two of my favorite things in one glass? Sign me up!

I am sure we will be back here sooner than we know!

Cartwright Springs Brewery, at its under-the-radar location

Cartwright is pumping out delightful beers and each of their concoctions is anything but mainstream. Bock, Pilsner, Ale, Stout, they've got'em all! After trying out all of their fresh brews, we also got a tour of the ‘beer-kitchen’. What impressed me most about the set-up was André’s focus on sustainability from the get go. Cartwright uses environment friendly processes and detergents – a lesson for all you brewers out there.

The spring Cartwright sources its water from

The Stout Ice Cream


The experience was hosted by Cartwright Springs Brewery but the views are entirely my own. I thank them for their valuable support!

For more information about Cartwright Springs Brewery and their beer, Click Here

A humble yet state-of-the-art brewery

The brewery has come up with an incredibly simple yet unique twist to a key ingredient for any brew. In all my years of beer tasting, I have never come across a brew that uses fresh spring water! This also explained why André chose to establish the brewery in the woods. He was being close to the ‘source’!

We arrived around 3PM and were welcomed by our warm host and Brew master André Rieux. We bonded almost instantly and to my surprise (not) he turned out to be an engineer just like me! An engineer now trying his hands at perfecting the art of brewing beer, André is extremely insightful and has a keen understanding of brewing processes.

My travels with my girlfriend recently landed us in Pakenham, Ontario. Being beer aficionados, we decided to check out a relatively new local brewery – Cartwright Springs. Small Town, Big Brew is their motto and it could not be more accurate. A 45 minute drive from downtown Ottawa, the brewery is nestled away in the woods of Pakenham. The first thing that hits you about the brewery is its location – it is literally in the middle of nowhere. But as we soon found out, there is a good reason to that!

Trying out the Happy Juices ;)

Fascinating assortment of beers


Cartwright Springs Brewery, Pakenham

Small Town, Big Brew

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