Balancing A Regular Life with Extreme WANDERLUST

9) Experience Middle Eastern Performances


5) Travel back in time at the Old District

10) Blend Luxury and tradition at Souk Madinat Jumeriah

One of the largest man-made marinas in the world, Dubai Marina is perhaps Dubai’s most posh district. Rent a bike and ride around the waterfront, stopping only to gaze at the several skyscrapers that dot the skyline or the expansive yachts docked at the harbor. Drained after the hard pedaling? Stop at one of 70 restaurants for a quick bite!

4) Stroll around Dubai Mall

2) Soak in the sun at Kite Beach

8) Bash some dunes

10 ideas for a 10 hour layover at Dubai

According to Bounce, “It is a world where the wall becomes the floor, a slam-dunk is within your grasp and the rules of gravity no longer apply.” I attest to this! 

With more than 100 interconnected trampolines housed within a vibrant space, BOUNCE is a spring-loaded urban playground.  The joy of being able to leap in the air like a superhero will surely bring out the child in you. 

The 10-million liter Dubai Aquarium tank, located within the Dubai Mall is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. Over 300 Sharks and Rays live in this tank, including the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world. Shark Diving here is a once in a lifetime opportunity, bringing you within inches of these sea giants. Another crowd puller is the 800Kg ‘King Croc’ from Down Under.

7) Swim with sharks at Dubai Aquarium

If you desire a better understanding of Dubai’s history or want to escape the bling of the city, head to the Al Fahidi district. Here, you can explore museums, craft shops, cafes and art galleries. Take a Dhow (boat) to the other side of the creek to the gold and the spice souks. Soak up the scents, sights and sounds of this old-world Arabian market.

The city is renowned the world over for its shopping hotspots and Dubai Mall is by far the most exuberant of them all. Dubai Mall offers an unparalleled amalgamation of world-class dining, entertainment and leisure attractions. Theatre, theme park, aquarium, ice rink; Dubai Mall has it all. 

While at the mall, make sure you check out the Dubai Fountain. Built by the creators of the fountain at The Bellagio, this is the world's largest choreographed fountain system.

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This long, pristine stretch of white sand is perfect for the water-baby in you. Ideal for swimming and spending uninhibited hours of pleasure, the water is usually Don’t fret about getting covered in sand, there are showers at the beach.

World's tallest building. A living wonder. Stunning work of art. Incomparable feat of engineering. The Burj Khalifa has no equal. Take the world’s fastest elevator to the observation deck at the 125th floor for a one-of-a-kind view. Make sure you book your tickets online, they’re thrice as expensive at the counter!

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The Emirate of Dubai is an intriguing mix of Arabian heritage and contemporary outlook. With Dubai International just a few miles from Downtown, those with a layover in Dubai should consider exploring a few mind-bending sights and experiences this wonderful city has on offer. Here are a few ideas for your layover in Dubai :

3) Ride a bike around Marina Waterfront

The Middle East exudes a rich cultural heritage and you can absorb every bit of while at Dubai. Entertaining Belly Dancing and Tanoura performances are staged against the backdrop of the desert and are guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

The last stop on your layover in Dubai should be the Souk Madinat Jumeriah. This swank yet old-style Souk is one of the most popular tourist spots in Dubai. Indulge in souvenir shopping, admire the Burj Al Arab or ride a gondola up the canal. This is the perfect way to spend an easy afternoon in Dubai.

One of the most popular adventure activities in the Middle East, dune bashing is a must for adrenalin junkies desiring a taste of the desert. Strap yourself into a Land Cruiser as a skilled instructor drives you over curvy sand dunes. Be sure to have a sickness bag handy, it isn’t called the sand-rollercoaster for nothing. This experience by itself will make your Layover in Dubai worthwhile!

6) Defy gravity at Bounce

1) Get high at Burj Khalifa