Balancing A Regular Life with Extreme WANDERLUST

Rotty – Sri Lankan Delicacy

View from Hansa Surf Hostel

Hikkaduwa Beach

1) Most places accept only cash payments so make sure you have enough cash on hand. Also, ATMs are far and few, so withdraw as much as you can!

2) Sunscreen is a must

3) Tuk tuks are easily available but make sure you haggle

4) Try the fresh fruit sold on the streets – especially pineapples!


a weekend in hikkaduwa

After spending a couple of days at Hikkaduwa, it’s hard to beat the realization that it’s a mild, more toned down version of Goa and maybe it was this that made me like it even more! The town brings together some of my favorites – great food, brilliant views and a lively vibe.

THE beach

Ideal for swimming and spending inhibited hours of pleasure, the water is usually bathwater warm and the waves are smooth. This also makes Hikkaduwa a popular surf destination as well. You can easily rent a surf board right on the beach for LKR 300 an hour. Most people on the beach were foreigners; swimming, playing volleyball, catching a tan, walking along the shore or relaxing with beers at the outdoor restaurants. 


Getting lunch and beer at a seaside restaurant

Train ride from Colombo to Hikkaduwa along Sri Lanka’s coast


Street-side clothing stores are fantastic and LKR600 will get you a brand new pair of shorts made to fit. Most shops make Billabong, Quicksilver and other beachwear- you can’t even tell the difference from the real deal!

The beach is lined with numerous outdoor restaurants. I would make a strong recommendation for a breakfast place – Breakpoint. The breakpoint is an Israeli restaurant and offers an excellent spread of traditional Middle Eastern delicacies.  For street food enthusiasts, trying Rotty and Rice hoppers is a must!


We stayed at the Hansa Surf Hostel which is situated right at the Hikkaduwa Beach. It was not the fanciest of places but it did offer us fantastic views of the beach throughout the day. It is also conveniently located right across from Vibrations –the most popular night club in town. We were lucky enough to be there the same night they were hosting a live drums session. The vibe was something else!

My first attempt at surfing. I ended up with a bloodied mouth but that won’t stop me from trying again!

Sri Lanka is famous for its expansive coasts and soothing beaches. Hikkaduwa is a small town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, about 98 km south of Colombo. There are multiple trains and buses daily from Colombo that can bring you to Hikkaduwa. The train runs along the coast and offers brilliant views of the Indian Ocean. The town by itself, has all the trappings of a popular beach destination, complete with seaside restaurants, street shopping and signboards in Russian and Hebrew! Here is a guide to spending a weekend in Hikkaduwa!