Balancing A Regular Life with Extreme WANDERLUST




I love being outdoors, but I have never lived in a place that was big on skiing. However, ever since I moved to Canada in early 2017, I’ve wanted to try and maybe even be good at skiing. Holly suggested we go to Mount Pakenham, a ski hill located a mere 45-minute drive from Ottawa. She has grown up in the area and had great memories from skiing and snowboarding here ever since she was a child (she still is one). Anyway, as it turns out, Mount Pakenham has everything one needs for winter fun! Here are some of the highlights from our time there.

The Lodge houses the cafeteria, lounge, and washrooms and is built to enhance your experience here. You can also rent a locker here to store your belongings.

Mount Pakemham boasts of 10 great runs from beginner to expert with the facilities to match and a walk up/slide down family tubing park and snowshoe trails. They also have 3 quad chairs, a T-bar, a handle tow, a rope tow and a Carpet Lift. 

With over 500 skis and snowboards, the Rental Shop has everything you need to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Very impressive! The seasoned staff helped me find the right gear and made sure I strapped everything on safely. Mad props to them for getting a noob like me ready for my first ski experience. 


The experience was hosted by Mount Pakenham but the views are entirely my own. I thank them for their valuable support!

After we got done skiing, we hit up the lounge at Mount Pakemham. The lounge is a cozy restaurant and bar that serves grilled Panini sandwiches, salads, hot chocolate, as well as draught beer, spirits and 'special' coffees. We got a couple of craft beers and it was just the way to wrap up an amazing day at Mount Pakenham.

To be honest, I was concerned as a first-time skier, but Mount Pakenham has something for everyone regardless of your skills. They set me up with a skilled instructor to show me the ropes on the bunny hill first. For any of you who would like to learn skiing here, I recommend for you to take the Discover Ski package. It includes a lift ticket, a one-hour beginner group lesson, and your equipment (skis, boots, poles and helmet). Best part? It is only $55!

By the end of my lesson, I was able to do an ‘S’ and had mastered the ‘snow-plough’, Canadian for pumping the emergency brake. To my surprise, the most difficult and exhausting part of skiing for me was walking with the skis on! The struggle was real. I say that as I watched 5-year-old kids glide past me.