Balancing A Regular Life with Extreme WANDERLUST

Light Snow


A view of the Himalayas!

On the way to the top


From here, it takes between 3 hours (fast hike) to 4 hours (leisurely hike) to reach the summit. The track is lined with hundreds of Rhododendron trees and they make for fantastic viewing. This region of the Himalayas is also notorious for its unpredictable weather and one must always expect at least some rain on the way to the top. We were fortunate (or unfortunate!) enough to witness drizzle, heavy rain, hail as well as snow while we hiked. Make sure you carry sufficient water and snacks with you, though there are two refreshment shops in case you run out.

The hike is easy to moderate depending on your ability and can be started from multiple points along the route. The longest route starts from McLeodganj (10km) while the shortest starts from Gallu Devi Temple (6km). The route we took started from Bhagsu Nag Temple and was approximately 9km long. The trailhead is at Gallu Devi Temple. Follow a single track going northeast and in upward direction starting behind Gallu Devi Temple and it will lead you directly to Triund Hill.

Forced to halt at a shelter due to rain!

1) Elevation - 2900mt approximately

2) Clothing – waterproof layer is must with the unpredictable weather

3) Start as early in the day as you can

4) The hike offers breathtaking landscapes, take a camera along!

5) End the hike with a dip in the chilling waters of the Bhagsu Nag temple

6) Don’t litter and stay safe!

Depending on the time of the year, the summit would look different. The peak is covered with snow in the winter, is lush green during the summer and rusty in the spring. While on the top, you can spend quality time staring in to the vastness that the Himalayas have on offer, play a game of catch or meditate. 

The Complete Guide to Hiking Triund

Sunrise at the summit – it’s a sight for the ages!

At the top

Triund is a hill situated in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh and it offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas on one side and the Kangra Valley on the other. As the name suggests, it is a summit from where you can see three peaks of Dhauladhar ranges. Here is the complete guide to hiking Triund!

While most people get back from Triund the same day, I would strongly suggest for you to stay the night at the top. There are 2 reasons for this – the night sky and the sunrise the next morning. The clear sky at night is a rare sight for most of us who live in cities and I promise you the sunrise the next day would leave you spellbound. You could either carry a tent or book yourself a room at the Forest Department owned BnB.